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Good Tequilas opened its doors on April 3, 1998, and quickly established itself as a local hotspot in Peoria. A big part of what we are creating is a family atmosphere, couple that with fresh flavors and you have our agenda.

We welcome you to fiesta with us and experience down-home Mexican hospitality at its best. Savor our sizzling platefuls of goodness made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients, created by our talented chefs, who have a real knack for presenting authentic flavors.

Our Ingredients

At Good Tequilas we believe in quality from the best available ingredients to finding that perfect Tequila for a cocktail. We know that if you start with something fresh, you end up with a better product.

 Good Tequilas cuisine is expressed in bold yet refined flavors. Our preparations demonstrate elements of long-established tradition, while finished dishes are showcased with modern appeal.

 You will find our menu to be as diverse and colorful as our heritage.